Bethlehem Benches & Flower Boxes

Bethlehem Beautification Project

All of the hand-painted benches that line the streets of Bethlehem during the summer months are owned by the Heritage Society and have been maintained, repaired and hand painted by Bethlehem Village District Commissioner, Dick Robie, with his children and grandchildren. Each of the 20+ benches that line the streets of Bethlehem has been created in memoriam to Bethlehem residents that have passed on, and many of the benches hold plaques honoring our dead. This ongoing project is a quiet labor of love and a true family project, Bethlehem Events Committee is adding three commemorative benches to the roster in 2018.

The Events Committee is also currently working to revitalize the Adopt a Flower Box program that was started many years ago and has fallen to the wayside. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in either placing a commemorative bench for a loved one or in adopting one of the many available Main Street Flower Boxes that are in need of loving care.


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