With First Friday and ArtWalk  this Saturday, Bethlehem’s creative spirit shines on

BY DARIN WIPPERMAN | August 10, 2016 |

BETHLEHEM — Several artists discussed their work with the public during First Friday events on Aug 5. On Saturday, Bethlehem’s Main Street will come alive with the variety and talents on display during ArtWalk, which is celebrating its fifth

The Gallery at WREN, Maia Papaya, and 42 Maple were locations with art openings for First Friday. At the WREN Gallery, Robert Moore’s  work is now on display in a collection called “Boom.”

Moore owns the property that includes Prospect Farm in Lisbon. His background in image processing and computer graphics helps him paint the items he has in mind.  Attending a Florida art seminar he found “creative and engaging,” Moore said he “went home, got some canvases, and started.” The “Boom” collection includes many paintings that reminds Moore of his childhood.

Paintings of Jimi Hendrix,  Bozo the Clown, tinker toys, and plastic soldiers add a variety of colors to Moore’s work. “Most of my paintings take about two weeks,” Moore said. Of his work with paint and canvas, Moore concluded, “I really enjoy it. I’m having a great time.”

Also on Friday, Maia Papaya held an art opening for the paint, tar, and plaster work of Greg Williams. “Apogee” depicts
the summit of Mt. Washington, for example. Williams, who lives in Dalton, is an example of how busy people can still find time to create art. He is the owner of Kaze Dozo, the martial arts studio in Lancaster.

Several types of art  are a part of a visit to 42 Maple, the gallery and working space in town.  Friday’s art opening included many colorful baskets handmade by villagers in Panama. The baskets are from the collection of Chuck and Pat McLure of Lancaster. Entitled “Weaving Traditions of the Darien Jungle,” the basket exhibit displays the creative talents of the
Wounaan and Embera people.

With the fifth ArtWalk this Saturday, Main Street and other places will be filled with the varied talents of many people.
Katherine Ferrier,  the coordinator at the WREN Gallery, and Angel Larcom, co-curator at 42 Maple, are part of the collaboration that makes ArtWalk happen each August.

This year’s ArtWalk includes an event at the new skatepark area behind the basketball courts across from the town hall. Larcom said three bands will play during the afternoon to celebrate “the art of skateboarding.” By emphasizing people and the larger community, Larcom added, ArtWalk goes “beyond just the arts” to bring residents and visitors together to make “the streets of Bethlehem feel really vibrant.”

After enjoying the full day of ArtWalk, people can take part in a show at the Colonial during the evening, and even a wrap-up party at Indian Brook Trading Company. The arts have helped revitalize Bethlehem, Ferrier concluded, with ArtWalk serving as a big celebration of the town’s spirit. For additional information about Saturday’s festivities, go to: http://

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