Bethlehem Banner Program

The Beautification of Main Street

Thanks to an army of volunteers, countless hours of hard work, and the generous support of individuals and organizations such as yourself, we have been able to make some serious magic happen.

In accordance with our goal to continue to liven and beautify Bethlehem, we have begun to replace all of the brackets and introduce new banners to Main Street Bethlehem. We originally started with two designs for our two biggest community events – Bethlehem ArtWalk and Christmas in Bethlehem. We are now in Phase II of the Banner Program, with the introduction of Historic Bethlehem banners.

Your sponsorship contribution of $75 per banner offsets the cost of banner printing and bracket replacement for our town. Adopting a banner helps us continue to make Bethlehem more festive and colorful throughout the year.


A nod to the original work started by WREN, we will soon be scheduling a banner painting session where regional artists are invited to hand-paint original banners that represent the most beautiful aspects of our community.

Banner Program Objectives

Bethlehem Event Committee’s Street Banner Program is designed to:

  • promote significant events affecting Bethlehem
  • visually enhance Bethlehem’s streetscape
  • create a sense of community and a sense of place within Bethlehem’s village center
  • promote major arts, cultural activities and sporting events of public interest
  • stimulate local economic activity


External organizations may make application to hire street banner poles when not in use for Event Committee events and activities. More information coming soon.


Bethlehem has 45 banner poles on Route 302. The banner poles fly street banners 2′ wide by 6′ tall and are an important part of the Bethlehem communication strategy to activate and visually enhance village center and business centers. The Events Committee uses the banner poles to promote significant town events and activities. The poles are also available for hire by non-profit groups for purposes consistent with the Event Committee’s Banners Policy.

The banner poles are located at key areas along Bethlehem’s main transport corridor and in town center. The banners are viewed by thousands of people throughout the year. Bethlehem Events Committee is responsible for installation/removal of banners.


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